CT006-CAT-EXThe CAT EX - Extended Thrust Chiropractic Adjusting Tool is the most affordable high thrust adjustment device available. The CAT EX is designed for greater reliability and durability. The precision components provide smooth and easy operation. Force devices deliver targeted force to the joint as opposed to manual adjustments that also activate the surrounding muscle; this means less resistance occurs and less force is needed to make the necessary adjustment. Handheld adjusting tools can alleviate some of the physical stress on a clinician, allowing for easier adjustments. The CAT EX was ergonomically designed and the CAT EX can be easily operated by any clinician regardless of hand size.The CAT EX is compatible with the established protocols your clinicians are currently using. The CAT EX is designed for the requirements of Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) adjusting and clinicians who require greater thrust than traditional adjusting tools. With our optional CAT accessories you can customize your CAT to your comfort and the needs of your clients. The CAT EX has an adjustable force range with a maximum rated output of 52 lbf. The CAT EX includes the CAT palm and finger pads (CT009) and CAT case (9AK114).

The CAT EX comes standard with a 12-month warranty.

CAT EX is intended for use by licensed physicians trained in mechanical thrust instrument use.

Accessories for the Chiropractic Adjusting Tool

cat_tips cat_cervical cat_holster
Replaceable Rubber Tips Cervical Tip Holster
cat_palm   cat_finger
Palm Pad   Finger Pad
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Weight: 0.54 lbs (245 g)
Length: 6.0 in (15.25 cm)
Width: 2.9 in (7.4 cm)
Depth: 0.92 in (2.3 cm)
Maximum rated output: 52 lbf
  • Cervical Tip
  • Replaceable Rubber Tips
  • Holster
  • Palm Pad
  • Finger Pad
  • Replacement CAT Case

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