Commander Echo™ Wireless Algometer

9RF307 Echo Algometer stackThe Commander Echo Algometer easily measures pressure thresholds and pain tolerances reported by patients. Algometry is ideal for helping evaluate fibromyalgia and trigger point tenderness.

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The Commander Echo Algometer will help your customers:

Save Time

  • Innovative pop-in “quick connect” system makes changing tips fast and easy
  • Console stores 20 tests with up to 4 repetitions per side of Algometer readings

Do More

  • Quantify joint tenderness in arthritic conditions
  • Evaluate pain sensitivity and create objective reports
  • Identify trigger points

Achieve Greater Accuracy

  • Thin profile improves stability during tests
  • “Axis Compensation” circuitry improves results even with off center placement
  • Ergonomic shape fits comfortably in the hand and provides a secure grip

CM307 Commander Echo Algometer

Additional Product Highlights

  • Console records and stores up to 20 tests of any type
  • Fine resolution that identifies small yet clinically significant changes in pressure sensitivity
  • Two pressure measurement tips (1cm2 and 0.5cm2) for applying to both large muscles and small muscles of the head and neck
  • Document effectiveness of treatment (long and short term)

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