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Commander Echo™ Wireless Muscle Testing Dynamometer

Commander Echo MMT Model StackQuickly and accurately quantify muscle strength and identify areas of weakness with the Commander Echo Muscle Tester Dynamometer.

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The Commander Echo Muscle Tester will help your customers:

Save Time

  • Test protocols can be customized according to number of tests, starting force,Newtons, Kilograms or Pounds and number of repetitions
  • Identify patterns of weakness
  • Innovative pop-in “quick connect” system makes changing test pads fast and easy

Do More

  • Quickly and accurately test muscle strength and identify areas of weakness with the tester and Commander Echo Console
  • Quantify bilateral strength differences

Achieve Greater Accuracy

  • Produces very stable Isometric and Isotonic testing

CM305 Echo MMT grouping

Product Highlights

  • Console records and stores up to 20 tests with up to 4 repetitions per side
  • Stability during tests improved with “Axis Compensation” circuitry which guarantees 99% accuracy for off-center placement
  • Reduces “roll-over” and tilting with a 2.11” high ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the palm
  • Measures up to 150 pounds for very strong performers
  • Automatically records peak force and calculates coefficient of variation (CV) and bilateral strength deficits

Included Accessories:

Flat Pad (8AC008) – The flat pad can be used for exerting force against flat items.
Curved Pad (8AC009) – The curved pad can be used for exerting force against items that are rounded.
Muscle Tester Cradle (9AC001) – The Muscle Tester Cradle provides a stable platform to rest the muscle tester.

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Commander Echo Muscle Tester Commander ECHO Console
(required but sold separately)
Part Number: CM305   Part Number: CM300
Number of Repetitions per Test: 1-4   Number of Stored Tests: 20
Load Cell Capacity: 150 lb (68.04 kg)   Weight: 0.46 lbs (0.21 kg) 
Units of Measure: lb, kg, N   Length: 4.66 in (11.83 cm) 
Weight: 0.45 lbs (.20 kg) (without pad)   Width: 2.61 in (6.63 cm)
Length: 4.02 in (10.21 cm)   Depth: 0.96 in (2.44 cm)
Width: 2.40 in (6.10 cm)   Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-polymer
Depth: 2.11 in (5.36 cm)   Battery Life: Approximately 13 hours of continual use
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-polymer      
Battery Life: Approximately 10-14 hours of continual use      

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