Commander Echo™

CM300 Echo ConsoleWhat is Commander Echo?

Commander Echo is a wireless portable evaluation system bringing advanced levels of sophistication and versatility to outcome assessment equipment. It is a modular system providing the ability to purchase only what you need and the option to add on later.


How Does it Work?

First you start with the console. Only a single console is required to record data for up to 7 different instruments. The console automatically collects data, stores results, computes statistics and automatically prompts for the next test when testing in a series. The Commander Echo Console also test selection, the ability to delete unwanted information, and more with a simple joystick operation. 


Then you can add one device...

 Commander Echo Inclinometers

Commander Echo Dual Inclinometers

The Commander Echo Dual Inclinometers provides more features and functionality than any non-computerized inclinometer system. It makes spine and extremity range of motion measurement even faster and easier. Read More

Or any combination of devices...