IsoTrack Pro from JTECH Medical is an advanced solution for clinicians who demand greater accuracy, repeatability, and versatility from their muscle testing and strength assessment equipment. IsoTrack Pro combines industry-leading Northstar software with revolutionary hardware to objectively measure and document muscle function, motor deficits, and any static functional position or isometric strength test you can imagine. The Northstar IsoTrack Pro package includes built-in static strength testing, muscle testing, custom test building, and our built-in exclusive Multimedia Help Videos.


isotrack lift waistIsometric Testing Made Easy

  • Test for isolated motions and concentric isometric contractions in varying positions
  • Great for strong performers, commonly used in sports medicine practices
  • measure and record force values that may simulate a safe or suggested workload for an individual
  • Compatible with NIOSH guidelines and norms
  • Measures both push and pull motions from any height, seated or standing
  • Includes robust Functional Testing Modules that document and analyze a subject’s ability to meet critical demands
  • Detailed force curves for static strength results  for the highest resolution of consistency of effort

isotrack plate shelf sittingOptional Attachable Shelf

Get the most out of the IsoTrack Pro with the optional attachable shelf. The versatile IsoTrack Pro shelf system can be adjusted to a wide array of heights and angles to accommodate countless workplace simulations. The shelf includes a metal barrier plate, dexterity plate, and multiplanar dexterity kit with accessories.

IsoTrack Pro: $8950
IsoTrack Chair: $2890
IsoTrack Shelf Kit: $575

Product Info:

D-Handle – For performing one-hand lifts, pulls or static position tests.
D-Handle with Eye Bolt – For use with a hook and cables for one-hand lifts, pulls or static position tests.
Flat Pad – The flat pad can be used for exerting force against flat items.
Curved Pad – The curved pad can be used for exerting force against items that are not completely flat.
4" Push Disk – For exerting force against larger flat surfaces.
Cable Set – A variety of lengths for different lifting, pushing or pulling, or static strength tests.
Hook with Stud – For use with cables for lifting and pulling of various items.
T-Bar – For 2-handed lifting, pushing, pulling or functional tests.
Long Bar – For 2-handed lifting, pushing, pulling or functional tests.
Loop Strap – For isolating specific muscle groups and agonist/antagonist testing.

Long T-Bar – Allows for wider placement of hands during lifting or pulling tests.
Detachable Shelf – Attaches to the back of the load cell arm. Allows simulation of a wide variety of workplace tasks, lift tests and activities of daily living.
Large Barrier Plate – Attaches to the shelf, allows simulation of barriers in workplace scenarios at adjustable heights.
Small Barrier Plate – Attaches to the shelf, allows simulation of small barriers in workplace scenarios.
Large Dexterity Plate – Attaches to the shelf, to simulate dexterity tasks requiring fine motor skills. Includes standoffs, hex bolts, screws, nuts, mounting brackets and finger screws.
Small Dexterity Plate – Attaches to the large dexterity plate, to simulate more complex dexterity tasks.


  • IsoTrack Chair
  • MSRP: $2890
  • IsoTrack Shelf Kit
  • MSRP: $575
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