Hand and arm functionality is essential for many daily tasks and activities. For patients who are seeking treatment for hand and upper extremity injuries, or are suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis, objective measurements can make all the difference in establishing medical necessity for care and showing the efficacy and quality of care being provided. The Northstar Hand and Upper Extremity System gives practitioners a competitive edge. Drastically reduces documentation time with Northstar’s real-time data calculations and analysis, easy-to-read patient progress charts, and one-click detailed narrative reports.


ns goniometry testing laptop

Objective Pain Measurement

  • Allows documentation for extremity and finger range of motion to edema, scars, and even the effect the patient’s injury has on their abilities to perform activities of daily living, work and motor function
  • Designed by practicing hand clinicians using the American Society of Hand Therapists Clinical Guidelines
  • Powerful hand evaluation software module: Provides a robust variety of testing options for the most comprehensive hand evaluation possible
  • Comes standard with Northstar’s Physical/Neurological software module: Provides a variety of physical and neurological tests, a survey for Activities of Daily Living and a large list of standard questionnaires for a detailed assessment of a patient’s functional abilities and deficits
  • Users can perform a Fingers Complete range of motion tests with measurements for PIP, MP and DIP in under 2 minutes

Included in this System:

Document range of motion for small joints (fingers and toes) and large extremities.
Documents pinch strength with 6 standard pinch tests and 5 norm types to choose from.
Tests and documents max grip strength at multiple intervals, 5-position grip test, rapid exchange grip, and sustained grip.


 ns hand sensory report laptop

Northstar Software

  • Displays and records range of motion in real-time for a level of accuracy that can’t be obtained from manual goniometers
  • Goniometry module automatically calculates test results and compares them to AMA norms to help determine the best course of treatment
  • Features 6 standard pinch tests (key, palmar, tip, and 3 thumb opposition test) plus the ability to create custom tests
  • Quick and easy comprehensive test reports can be produced in just seconds
  • Automatic calculations of grip strength eliminate the possibility of human error, resulting in more objective data
  • Displays valuable hand sensory information of the specific parts of the hand and their level of functionality with color codes. Color codes show full function, total paralysis, partial paralysis and amputation
Product Info:

Part Number: 9RF408
Units of Measure: Degree (angle)
Weight: 0.30 lb (0.14 kg)
Length: 10.8 in (27.4 cm) (with Rails)
Width: 1.61 in (4.1 cm)
Depth: 1.23 in (3.12 cm)
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Battery Life: Approx. 10-14 hours of continual use

Part Number: 9RF409
Maximum Force Input: 50 lbf (22.7 kg , 222.4 N)
Units of Measure: lb, kg, N
Weight: 0.46 lb (0.2 kg)
Length: 4.29 in (10.9 cm)
Width: 2.12 in (5.4 cm)
Height: 1.57 in (4 cm)
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Battery Life: Approx. 10-14 hours of continual use

Part Number: 9RF406
Load Cell Capacity: 200 lb (0.42 kg)
Units of Measure: lb, kg, N
Weight: 0.92 lb (0.42 kg)
Length: 8.15 in (20.70 cm)
Width: 1.62 in (4.11 cm)
Height: 4.01 in (10.19 cm)
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Battery Life: Approx. 10-14 hours of continual use

Goniometer Extension Arms (9AK113 - set of 2 arms) – Aids in visual confirmation of alignment, or in aligning the Goniometer to extremities.

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